About Ravikiran Infotech

We're a custom web application development company
providing end to end solutions to our clients.


About Ravikiran Infotech

We Make Cutting-Edge
Web and Mobile Solutions

We help companies, big and small, discover what makes them unique and channel it into a memorable experience that outsells and outshines their competition.

With deep understanding of modern technology and strong expertise in multiple business domains, we implement comprehensive projects and deliver high-end web, mobile and IoT solutions.

We develop custom software products tailored to specific business needs of our clients and support them throughout the whole way: from an idea to its implementation.

Our Subsidary

MAVEX our Virtual Events Platform is now a Subsidary of Ravikiran Infotech

Our Official Launch as New Entity will be released soon


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Our Advantages

Advancing customer experiences together


Cost Effective


Successful projects




Expert Team Members


IT Consulting

4+ Years

On the market

Why Ravikiran Infotech

  • Requirment Gathering

    We understand the clients requirment, our business experts makes sure all the business process are as per the requirment to make project a good delivery.

  • Agile approach

    We follow best PM practices & processes like Agile methodology using Scrum and Kanban that allow us complete projects and as per clients budget.

  • Secure and quality

    Our Senior Developers and CTO always participate in the Code Review process regardless of the project size to ensure code quality.

  • Full transparency

    We use project management systems, providing our clients with the possibility to track the development online in real time 24/7 without any hidden work.

  • Easy communication and personal assistance

    Constant contact with project managers and full transparency help to quickly resolve emerging issues and make decisions.

  • Post-release support

    After the project is completed, we help develop it further and are always ready to provide assistance. We promptly respond to any questions from, and provide comprehensive support to, our customers.

e-procurement system

Want to create something memorable?

We partner with clients like you to create software your customers will remember, vastly improve your key metrics, and display your brand with pride.